Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I am now a Registered Service Dog

I know it's been a while since I last posted but I have been one busy pup. Mom took me on a bike ride - no I didn't ride in a basket; I have to run along beside her and I know now that I am really out of shape. I don't get the exercise I should when I am playing around with my friend Tess who happens to be a Yorkie or Yorkshire Terrier. It's funny how both of our breeds have those little nicknames; like mine is Sheltie for Shetland Sheepdog. Well Tess has this little habit of kissing me right inside the mouth. Not on my butt but right inside my mouth. Tess's mom is bummed that she has to stop her little girl from doing such a disgusting habit because it could cause germs to spread; but my mom and dad kiss like that I think all the time? Why can't we?

Well Mom finally got all the paperwork completed last week and we just got the cards, patches, and certificate in the mail from RegisteredServiceDogs.com. It's not absolutely necessary to get all of this done but it does help quite a bit from naive business owners who do not know the law. If mom ever needs to travel; she should not have a problem taking me with her at all. In fact if want to go the mall, the movies, or even restaurants; we can with out a problem.

I got to go to Costco with her and to the mall and no one ever questions her. I am so happy that she got me this comfortable vest that she ordered when she was at a Pet Convention in San Mateo CA in September of last year. We hope to go again. We met a wonderful lady who specially made the vest for me. It took many months to finally receive that vest; but was it worth the weight. It's so much better than the vests they sell at ActiveDogs.com. You can get great patches at ActiveDogs.com, but for vests; I recommend one made like this one with velcro that attaches across my tummy and across my chest. It is so comfy and I hate when mommy has to take it off = I love wearing it! Here's to more fun in my new Service Vest!


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