Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Oakland A's Dog Days of Summer 2008

My mom, dad, neighbor, and friend came with us to the Oakland A's Dog Days of Summer here in August 2008. Here are all the happy dog owners and dogs all having fun at the Pup Rally which began just before the game started with Oakland's vs the Chicago White Socks.

There were all sorts of events here include an Owner /Dog look alike contest, best dressed, best trick and more! Me and Mom were late so we couldn't enter the Dog Owner Pet Contest. I was bummed that we couldn't enter but I did see quite a few who shared quite a few similarities!)

What fun loving time we had here!

What an amazing game. I didn't watch much of the game but I could tell it was exciting because my dad seemed really excited. I heard him say it was an amazing win towards the end with the Oakland A's winner 6 to 4. We literally thought they would loose but what surprise! I wanted to play in the game so bad because I could see the balls going in the air and it excited me. I barked just a little bit but I mostly enjoyed looking at all the dogs with their masters sitting in the seats with all all watching the game and each other!

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